Table of Contents:

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Template Guides and Instructions:

  1. Installing the template in your blog
  2. How to upload your own header image
  3. What are Linkbars in my templates
  4. Customizing the templates easily
  5. Tips and problems when installing templates
  6. Having problems with my templates?
  7. Start designing from an existing template
  8. Testing and viewing in other browsers
  1. Introduction: Tutorials on Blogger Template Design
  2. Tutorial 1: The Structure of a Blogger Template
  3. Tutorial 2: The Structure of a Blogger Template Code
  4. Tutorial 3: The Structure of CSS Styling Section
  5. Tutorial 4: Setting the Properties of a Container
  6. Tutorial 5: Common Containers and Elements in a Blogger Template
  7. Tutorial 6: Using the Generic Blogger Template
  8. Tutorial 7: Setting the Template Size
  9. Tutorial 8: The Body Section of the Blogger Template Code
  10. Tutorial 9: More Explanation about the Body Code
  11. Tutorial 10: Making a 3-Column Template and More ...
  12. Tutorial 11: Starting Your Own Blogger Template
  13. Tutorial 12: How To Embed Images as Background
  1. Compilation of other useful posts


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