Blogger Template: Blox

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I gave it the name Blox because the contents are put in blocks. That's why. No biggy. As usual in my latest templates, you have to fill in the Linkbar URLs so that the header is not cut off.

I personally think this one is quite neat because I had to be more careful when designing it compared to other templates especially on the spacings. By making the blocks separated away from each other, I'm making the contents drift apart too. So, that's why I had to be a bit more careful when tweaking the blocks, text, and background so they would blend mildly - and I think it works fine.

As always, you have a great degree of freedom to customize it to your taste. About the background color, you can only control the Comment background (I'll make a different version later for a changeable body background).

Note: For this template, if you want to put ad codes, it's better to give the widget a title; otherwise, the ad block will be cut at the top.