Blogger Template: PlainSMS

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Design: PlainSMS (SMS = Sidebar-Main-Sidebar)
Template: Click here
Demo: Click here
Designer: Elque | May 2007
Design Theme: Plain & easily customized

I made some addition to make sure anybody who is using this template but not familiar with HTML coding can easily customize the background colors, font colors, font types and font sizes to redesign the template to his/her own style and liking.

Colors that can be changed easily from the Page Element (Layout) page:

  1. Main background color
  2. Content background color
  3. Header background color (the color of the left-sidebar dotted box always matches this color)
  4. Blog title color
  5. Blog description color
  6. Post title color
  7. Post text color
  8. Blog quote color
  9. Main link color
  10. Main visited link color
  11. Date header color
  12. Sidebar text color
  13. Sidebar header color
  14. Sidebar link color
  15. Sidebar visited link color
  16. Comment text color
  17. Footer text color
Fonts that can be changed easily from the Page Element (Layout) page:
  1. Blog title font
  2. Blog description font
  3. Post title Font
  4. Date Header Font
  5. Post text font
  6. Blog quote font
  7. Sidebar title font
Have fun customizing to your own style!