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In the process of creating this blog and producing materials and templates for the posts, I had to go through a lot of readings related to blogging, monetizing, Adsense, HTML coding, template design, ad positioning, and what not. There were lots of tiring hours Googling to fetch the good reading materials among the haystack of so-so ones. Rather than just leave them stacked untouched in my folders, I thought it'll be better if I just put them up here as a Compilation of Useful Guides for others to have them handy. It'll be quite a service for me to put down some of the stuffs that might be valuable. I'm placing them in proper categories (but not in the order of importance):

Blogger Template Hacks and Tips:

  1. How to put Adsense code into your Blogger post body?
  2. How to insert Adsense code into your new Blogger post body?
  3. Inserting Adsense inside your post in the post-page only.
  4. Adsense code parser by Blogcrowds - putting the code inside the post.
  5. Adding language translator to your blog.
  6. The proper way to write codes in your blog.
  7. Postable - turning codes into post-friendly form.
Monetizing the Blog with Adsense and Other Ads:
  1. How bloggers make money from blogs?
  2. How much money can a blog earn?
  3. Making your Adsense earnings grow.
  4. Is click fraud really a problem?
  5. How to profit from knowing the most expensive keywords?
  6. Adsense can be run on the same page as other contextual ads.
  7. Text Link Ads is great to monetize blogs.
Keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
  1. META tag help pages, free META tag analyzer & builder - web tool that analyzes builds a META tag in your blog to make it search-engine friendly and improve SEO.
  2. Adsense top paying keywords.
  3. Highest paying Adsense keywords.
  4. Google Adsense top paying keywords.
  5. Current top internet searches.
Blog Design Resources:
  1. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials - excellent for learning web programming.
  2. Colormatch - color picker for template designer.
  3. FontList - font listing to help pick fonts for template designer.
Improving Your Blog Value and Visibility:
  1. Calculating the value of your blog or other blogs/websites.
  2. Big list of blog search engines.
  3. Blogs and RSS Search Engines.
Other Useful Posts:
  1. Why he is not an affiliate?
  2. Recommended Ad networks and Affiliate programs to make money.
(I'll update this frequently whenever I see good posts...)


Thiru May 31, 2007 3:37 am  

wow. I really need such a wonderful list! I really like the FontList and ColorMatch - thanks for those links.

You have got a wonderful blog. Straight into my Google Reader!

Happy Blogging!