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Blogger Template Design: Tutorial 3

In this tutorial, I'll show you the structure of CSS Styling Section, which is the 2nd Section in the Blogger Template Code Structure. Again, not all templates have the same structure. It basically comes down to the personal style of a designer. But I've found out the structure that I'll show you is quite logical and makes things a lot easier when coding, debugging, and customizing your template. Once you've understood this tutorial, you can later change the style and structure any way you want. But first you have to understand them and I've put out here a very easy structure to understand and use.

I've cut down the CSS Styling Section into 9 smaller subsections. For now, I'll describe the subsections in general. We'll get to the details on the coding inside these subsections later in the following tutorials. Always refer to the Structure of a Blogger Template to help you understand better the subsections and containers that I explain here.

Subsection 1 - Variable:
This subsection contains the declaration (the introduction) of the font and color variables that appear in the Fonts and Colors tab in the Layout page. For example, the Text Color or the Text Font variables that you can choose and modify using the Fonts and Colors tab. In my templates, I've added a lot of variables (close to 40+) compared to some of the standard Blogger templates to make it easy for you to customize a lot of things on the template.

Subsection 2 - Global:
This part contains the code to control the general appearance and layout. If you look at the green bar above, you'll see the code "body {.....}". This means that every code that goes inside the {.....} will control the general properties (size, layout, & appearance) of the body of the template (everything that the computer screen covers). For example, it controls the width of your whole template and the background color or image. But it doesn't control the detailed properties of the whole template (that is done by all the other subsections). Or, if you do set the detailed properties inside the body container, say the Text Font, and then reset the same properties inside a smaller sub-container, the properties set in the body container will be overridden, or canceled.

Inside this subsection, you will also find other important large containers - the Outer-wrapper and the Content-wrapper - so this subsection is where you want to look for if you want to tweak those containers.

Subsection 3 - Header:
This part controls the properties of everything inside your Header-wrapper container. The most common ones are the Blog Title and the Blog Description. In most of my templates, I've added an extra object in the Header-wrapper - the Linkbar (or the horizontal menubar). Typically, you can't add extra object in the Header because you can't use the Add Page Element tab. To add the Linkbar, I had to change the 3rd Section of the template code structure (which is the Data section). In my own blog (, I added something else, which is the Google Search Bar. Ideally, you can add just about anything you want there, if you know how to deal with the 3rd Section. We'll get to this later.

Subsection 4 - Main:
This part controls the properties (size, layout, and appearance) of everything that the Main-wrapper block contains - the Date Header, the Post, the Comment, the Feed Link, and any widgets that you drag into the Main section using the Add Page Element tab.

Subsection 5 - Sidebar:
This part controls the properties of everything inside your Sidebar-wrapper - for example the Labels, Blog Archive, Adsense units, Link Lists, etc. But, it doesn't set how many sidebars you have or their locations on the blog (example Sidebar-Main-Sidebar or Main-Sidebar-Sidebar). That part is done in the Section 3 of the Blogger Template Code Structure - the Data Section.

Subsection 6 - Miscellaneous:
This part controls the properties of additional elements in your blog that's not controlled by all the above subsections. These elements are the Profile (or the About Me block), the Blogquote, and the Code. It means if you want to, say, change the color of the quoted text or the font of your nickname in the About Me block, this is where you want to look for to tweak it.

Subsection 7 - Post-Footer:
In my Generic Template, this part controls the properties of 3 things:
  1. The Post-Footer - the texts below your post body. This is the part that contains information about your post, or the texts that say "Posted by YourNickname, Labels: ....., 5 Comments, etc.
  2. The Blog-Pager - the links at the bottom of your blog posts that say "Newer Posts, Home, or Older Posts".
  3. The Feed-Link - the link that says "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)".
Subsection 8 - Comment:
This part controls all the properties of the Comments section in your blog.

Subsection 9 - Footer:
This part controls all the properties in the Footer section. Generally, the Footer section contains some text explaining the ownership or copyright of a blog. In some other blogs, they also put extra stuff in the Footer section, like the Recent Posts or Popular Posts in 2 or more columns. Basically, you can just put about anything in the Footer as in the Sidebar. But if you want to add more than 1 column to your Footer, you have to tweak the 3rd section of your Blogger Template Code Structure.

Next Tutorial:
The next tutorial is some basic explanation about the codes to Set the Properties of a Container for you to get the ideas on what the codes inside all the containers mean.


ELLA May 14, 2008 8:59 pm  

Hello! Good day.

I just wanna say that I am using your template for my blog ( I've also read your tutorials, and basically have an idea now of the structure of the codes with your help- thanks so much by the way.
I just would like to forward to you a concern about my profile description located in my sidebar.
I'm really hoping that you could have the texts automatically justified, whatever is written. It's showing great with IE, but not with Firefox. I am more accustomed to using Firefox now, and I can't seem to have the texts justified (aligned on both sides). I basically would want the same text justification in my posts. too Text-align is currently at LEFT.

Will really be grateful if you could help me with this. Please take a look at my blog if you need to.


Biết KHÔNG November 01, 2008 12:17 am  

I have been looking for several days for a clue how to create 2 columns at the footer. I am so glad to spot this information. Hopefully, this is a good start. Thank you for the tutor.

إسراء الطويل January 31, 2009 10:57 pm  

Thanx so much :)

Edwin Chew February 01, 2009 1:01 am  

I am using your template for my blog(

I am still struggling with the CSS styling section, as how to set image to the background of the specific wrapper.

Pls get to me soon

thewynd May 24, 2009 1:47 pm  

I use your templates for a lot of my blogs and I have been trying to incorporate tutorials I have seen for random banners/headers and cannot seem to make it work. I have the code to use but don't understand where to add it to make it show up.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Currently am enamored with the Romantico template so that is what I am using along with the Solitude and Minimalist F.

Thanks in advance; your templates rock1

Peter Young November 08, 2010 5:04 pm  

thanks for helping me with css, I want to have my own layout and just starting to learn the basics.

AutoPros April 01, 2011 8:19 am  

Thanks for the info, not too many sites explain how to make/edit blogspot templates.

StyleIDnet September 16, 2011 11:48 am  

This is great but I am using simple template and have nothing like sidebars or outer-wrapper ..... do you know what 'words' would replace those instead?

jaffa March 13, 2012 5:02 am  

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jaffa March 17, 2012 12:07 am  

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jaffa April 20, 2012 12:01 am  

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santa April 27, 2012 2:31 am  
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santa April 27, 2012 2:35 am  

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