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This template is an upgraded version of the original template DaBluzz. The improvements are that some of the bugs in DaBluzz have been cleaned out, much more customization, a Linkbar is included at the top, and the header can be replaced with a header image with a size of 830 x 100 pixels.

If you want to use the background image used by the original template DaBluzz, simply write the following code:

background: URL( repeat left top;

and paste it inside the body {...} container of the CSS Style in your template, replacing the original "background: ..." code. This URL points to the image stored in Flickr. Refer to the tutorial Subsection 2 of your CSS Styling code to locate where the body {...} code is located.

Or, another option is you can download the image below and store it in an image storage site (e.g. Flickr). Then, point the background URL to the image location that you've just stored by writing the following code:

background: URL(http://the-location-of-your-image) repeat left top;

and paste it inside the body {...} container of the CSS Style in your template, replacing the original "background: ..." code.


Rodney S.B.A August 19, 2007 9:47 am  

Your templates are bugging in Internet explorer and when installed, no easy to customize cause it's just show the linkbar, the header and the text widget in the bottom of the blog.

How to fix this ? my blog is :

please contact me here at rodney.sankinka at

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