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Sharon Housley gave out top Adsense tips to help webmasters or bloggers profit from Google Adsense to generate money online using websites. The main ideas of these tips are summarized here.
  • Sites rank better on search engines if they have specific niche and clear theme and therefore will get the best revenue out of Adsense if the topics targeted have sufficient number of ads available.
  • Target decent or moderate paying keywords as your specific niche. Sites targeting highest paying keywords will find it difficult to rank well because of the high competition from established sites.
  • Older websites generate better ads revenue simply because it will rank better in search engines and the ads will become more relevant (relevant ads have better click-throughs).
  • Use Tracking Channels in Google Adsense program to study the ads that make the most money, best performing sites (if you have more than one), and ads placement. Make sure to let those ads run for a week and compare results on a weekly basis to see what ads work best.
  • Blend ads with site content (e.g. create ads without borders close to content). It's best that ads links should be different from the content colors to increase click-throughs. Randomizing ads link colors frequently is also a good practice so that frequent readers don't filter the ads.
  • To serve the most expensive ads on your site, compromise with the number of ads displayed. This is because the value per ads decreases as you increase the number of ads displayed (up to a max of three ads units).
  • Ads placed on hot spots and without scrolling will generate higher click-throughs (according to Google). Based on this hot spots map, the best place is near the beginning of the content. Experiment with the type of ads (text or image) to see which works best.
  • According to Google, the best ads sizes with highest click-throughs are the 336 x 280, the 300 x 250, and the 160 x 600, but these may be different for different web layout. Again experiment with these yourself to see which works best.

My Comments
These tips look very compact and may not seem to contain much detailed explanation, but these tips cover everything possible in general for you to know to get the best out of Adsense. It’s easier for you to study all of these in more detail later on than not having a compact and complete list like this to give you an overview. I’m sure some of the tips above are easy enough for you to experiment with right away on your blogs without having to study them in more detail.

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Note: A more detailed guide on Adsense optimization has been posted based on an article by Darren Rowse at

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