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The image is captured from a 1024 pixels wide screen. This template can be completely changed from the Fonts and Colors tab in the Layout panel.

Header image credit: adapted from FreeWine.

Header Image
The header image doesn't come with the template file. To have the header image in your blog, save this image into your computer. Then, upload the image into the Page Element titled Picture in the Layout section. Do NOT upload the image into the Header Page Element. As per license requirement, give a link to the image provider as mentioned in the credit section above.

If you want to use your own image for the header, the image has to be 800 pixels wide (with any height) to fit the header nicely.

Terms of Use
The template is free but please value our hours of design work by leaving the footer credit to intact.

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Anni September 01, 2008 5:46 pm  

There are issues when viewing this stunning template in either Firefox 3 (the area for posts is higher to the right of the division) or IE7 (the image border on the right is too wide about half the way down). The template looks amazing in SeaMonkey, though. Is there any known fix for these issues?

Anna December 08, 2008 2:12 pm  

I adapted this for my blog, and I really like it. The only thing I would like to change is that the linkbar doesn't line up with the rest of the blog. Is there any way to fix that?

Anonymous March 01, 2009 4:44 am  

there's something wrong with this template.
when i tried to upload it for my new blog it gave me an error: bX-hwogca.

what to do? the blogger help doesn't helped with this...

Lydia March 03, 2009 2:37 am  

I am so scared to change my template! I like this one and I think Anna did a great job at her blog, but when I read S. L. Lima's message I became really worried.

Ciel April 18, 2009 4:43 pm  

I am having difficulty downloading the template. I click the link to download but nothing happens. Does anybody have this problem?

Mindy April 24, 2009 11:45 am  

HELP! URGENT! I updated my template and now all the links for updating the blog are gone. I can edit, change my view...anything. The links are gone. How do I get them back?

Alida Thorpe June 26, 2009 4:41 pm  

I used this as a basis for my blog,
Island Vision Photography and I'm happy with the result.
One glitch is that the comments won't work as embedded comments. The white box show up but you can't type into it. If I make the comment feature a pop-up window, I can't moderate the comments even though I have that option selected.

In other words, I would prefer to have comments embedded but that doesn't work at all so a pop-up was my second choice but it's not working the way I would like. I should be able to moderate so people can leave a private message.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for the great template and for your help!

Marilyn, the Sensuous Gardener August 30, 2009 5:07 pm  

Having an issue with the first right sidebar overriding the banner graphic.

Here is a link to the test blog that I've put this on:

Elizabeth Prata October 02, 2009 5:39 pm  

Hello! I love this template. How do I get the border that is around the blog to also go around the top header-photo that I uploaded? Right now the border only goes around the blog but not the picture on top. thanks

Alida Thorpe October 03, 2009 6:30 am  

Did any of you get an answer to your questions? I didn't and wonder if anyone is monitoring this site.

Caya: Come As You Are May 12, 2010 2:55 pm  

Why in the world can I not embed comments? What is the fix for this? Please provide or the template is deleted.

keylogger March 19, 2012 10:23 pm  

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Umar M August 28, 2014 6:33 am  

I love your templates. Visit this blog every day. After long time i change my template, its looking so nice...

jeet sharma September 03, 2014 12:56 am  

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