Thousands of new 'gadgets' in Blogger blogs

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Blogger has just upgraded their 'widgets' in Blogger blogs (aka Page Elements) into gadgets with all the familiar basic gadgets plus thousands more from third-party gadgets. All of these are available for you if you're using the upgraded Blogger template instead of the classic Blogger template (can't imagine if some are still using the classic templates).

It makes it much more enticing to use Blogger as the blogging platform of choice - easy, free, lots of great free templates (especially at!!!), and now these great gadgets. No need to scrounge/google around for cool gadgets anymore.

Can you think of anything else that'll make Blogger blogs much much cooler and better than how it is now?

I for one wish they'll have an extremely efficient built-in backup tool that lets you save all your Blogger posts, comments, and gadget data into your computer so that you can easily restore everything properly as-it-was in case something bad happens to your blog. For now I'm using a Blogger backup tool from CodePlex, and use the feeds to save the posts, but feeds don't let you resave if you make updates on old posts, and you can't actually restore all the posts as-it-was because they don't keep the Blogger internal format. But in the end, nothing beats a built-in tool (if it's designed to function properly).

How about making this backup tool, Blogger engineers, we'd sure want one :) <--- speaking about a smiley face emoticon, can't you guys put a button up there on the wysiwyg editor that can pull up a selection of emoticons?

Here's a vid on the new Blogger Gadgets in case you missed it on the Blogger buzz.