Contest: 1st Winner

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Here's the 1st winner of this contest that we'd opened up last week. Anyway, there were only 3 entries submitted for a 3-winning spots. So by default everybody wins. You all got to stay on our front page for 3 days!

We chose this as the first because of the detailed descriptions on using our template.

And here's the winning entry from Dao:

Since I changed my blog layout from Blogger's free 2-column template to the current 3-column template, I was asked of how I got the template and all the details related to it. Well, I'm not a person who likes to keep secrets to herself, and life is too short to keep them anyways, so I'm going to let you know about a mayjah website, ok?

Ready? It's Our Blogger Templates, a website that provides high-quality and free templates for Blogger users (did I mentioned free?). I know there are so many websites out there that do the same thing. However, I've never seen any that gives such polished and customizable blog layouts like OBT. Before changing to the current layout, I wanted a 3-column template really really badly. However, Blogger does not provide a free one and most 3-column templates out there do not suit my taste (and you know I'm picky!)

OBT's Brooklyn is a very nice 3-column template that caught my eyes as it is a very gorgeous black-and-white layout. However, if you're reading my blog right now, does it look black-and-white to you?And I also bet you doubt if it's really Brooklyn at all! That's how much customizable this OBT template is: it allows me to stretch my creativity and the result is one colorful blog of mine :)

So the transformation went like this:
  • I found a blog banner and customized it (that was not simple, I spent a lot of time find the one!)
  • Then I installed Brooklyn template...
  • ...and spent about 1/2 day customized the fonts, colors, etc...
  • Finally came the widgets and I was done!
The whole process took me about 2 days because I know zip about HTML and web designing. Also, i do not enjoy the idea of just slapping a pre-desinged template to my blog as I do not want it to look like the one I stumbled into. Blogs are your own selves projected online, you definitely do not want to look like the one who sits next to you. Moreover, if I can do it, you can too! So if you're thinking of doing a blog facelift, head straight to Our Blogger Templates and find a layout that suits your taste. I'm sure you will find one.

One last thing: I found out these guys are Malaysians, hello fellow South East Asians! Thanks for hooking me up with a wonderful layout, m'kay? Love you guys! Now go ahead and show case my blog, please!


Unknown September 23, 2008 7:33 am  

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Chinnaa September 23, 2008 11:54 am  

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Ukion September 24, 2008 12:37 am  

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