2nd Contest - 1st Winner

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We chose Shootantio as the the 1st winner of our 2nd contest because of the totally great, complete, detailed, and lengthy review entry post, very clean look, and great blend of design and content.

Here's the winning entry post:


In the beginning of this month, OurBlogTemplates.com are opening up a 2nd contest to showcase our blog there for a week. The closing date is October 31, 2008. For the complete information of this contest, you can see "OurBlogTemplates.com - 2nd Contest: Showcase your blog here". Formerly, OurBlogTemplates.com has been opened up an opportunity to all bloggers to showcase their blogs there at Ourblogtemplates.com in the beginning of September, 2008. The 1st contest has been closed at September 21, 2008.

This review bellow have purpose to participate in the "OurBlogTemplates.com - 2nd Contest: Showcase your blog here", specifically review for design of OurBlogTemplates.com. So, I give a title for this design review is "Our "Best" Blogger Templates Design Review". Generally, in this review I will make short analyze about OurBlogTemplates.com design elements and graphics consistency, colors complimentary and appropriateness, designed to load faster and top rank in search engine, font sizes and text formats consistency and readability, and distracting design features or site functions. I hope you will enjoy this review.

Design Elements and Graphics Consistency

Line elements in OurBlogTemplates.com design are right in their own places. There aren't find any problems with visualization of lines in OurBlogTemplates.com design. Shape elements in OurBlogTemplates.com design are good. As visually, OurBlogTemplates.com design have their own good shape and have good balance. Direction elements in OurBlogTemplates.com design are very proportional. Horizontal direction suggests calmness, stability and tranquility. Vertical gives a feeling of balance, formality and alertness. Oblique suggests movement and action. Size elements are very sufficient. The size area that occupied by one shape to that of another in OurBlogTemplates.com design have no problems. Texture elements in OurBlogTemplates.com design are very smooth and soft. Visual texture in there don't make user's eyes tired. Color elements in OurBlogTemplates.com design are very interesting. There are have good hue to catch user's eyes. Value elements in OurBlogTemplates.com design have sufficient lightness and also have adequate darkness of the color. There are have good tone.

For graphic consistency, OurBlogTemplates.com design have good harmony. That harmony are sourced and united from the design elements that have explained above. Every design elements are bundled, make a unity and create a good harmony each others. Bellow here, you can see the OurBlogTemplates.com header logo that also represents of their Consistency:

Our Best Blogger Templates Design Review - Graphic Design Drawing - Shootantio.Blogspot.com

Colors Complimentary and Appropriateness

OurBlogTemplates.com layout design, have background color code #333333, body background color code #FFFFFF, post title color code #BB0000, side bar title color code #BB0000, lines color code #E6E6E6, links color code #4178C0, main and side bar text color code #616161, ads navbar background color code #4178C0, header image color code #3871BD and #FF5F00, upper and lower horizontal lines color code #32527A, footer background color #000000, footer text color code #999999, and also footer links color code #66B5FF. You can see the preview image of OurBlogTemplates.com layout design and also color composition usage bellow:

Our Best Blogger Templates Design Review - Graphic Design Drawing - Shootantio.Blogspot.com

All of colors selection code above, build a good view and harmony that make user's eye will not tired in spite of long time duration seeing. For that reasons, we can say OurBlogTemplates.com layout design have good colors complimentary and good appropriateness.

Designed to Load Faster and Top Rank in Search Engine

When I type and search with "our best blogger templates" keywords in Google.com Search Engine, OurBlogTemplates.com are in the top position. You can see the preview image that OurBlogTemplates.com is in the 1st position bellow:

Our Best Blogger Templates Design Review - Graphic Design Drawing - Shootantio.Blogspot.com

Furthermore, in the top right side of that Google Search Result, you can see that OurBlogTemplates.com is the top position of 1st page, from 717,000 search results, for "our best blogger templates" keywords, and have 0.06 seconds time results. You can see the preview image that OurBlogTemplates.com load faster in Google Search Engine bellow:

Our Best Blogger Templates Design Review - Graphic Design Drawing - Shootantio.Blogspot.com

Font Sizes and Text Formats Consistency and Readability

OurBlogTemplates.com have good font size and text formats consistency. This fact will be proofed when you watch closely every part of OurBlogTemplates.com pages. Don't be hesitate, OurBlogTemplates.com have good font size and text formats consistency. You can see the preview image that show OurBlogTemplates.com text size and font type bellow:

Our Best Blogger Templates Design Review - Graphic Design Drawing - Shootantio.Blogspot.com

When I try to open page source of OurBlogTemplates.com, I found that OurBlogTemplates.com use font size 100%. It means that normally font size usage and will give readability consequence to all readers. OurBlogTemplates.com use several font there are Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Tahoma, and Sans-serif. These font types are also readability to almost of all readers. You can see the preview image that show OurBlogTemplates.com page source where contains font size and text formats information bellow:

Our Best Blogger Templates Design Review - Graphic Design Drawing - Shootantio.Blogspot.com

Distracting Design Features or Site Functions

OurBlogTemplates.com don't have any distracting design features or any distracting site functions. This pronouncement will be proofed when you keep track of every part in OurBlogTemplates.com.


After you read and understand "Our "Best" Blogger Templates Design Review" above, I hope you can answer following questions that related with contents of this review. Here are the question:
  • Are OurBlogTemplates.com design elements and graphics consistent?
  • Are OurBlogTemplates.com colors complimentary and appropriate?
  • Is OurBlogTemplates.com designed to load faster and top rank in search engine?
  • Are OurBlogTemplates.com font sizes and text formats consistent and readable?
  • Are there distracting design features or site functions?
OurBlogTemplates.com is one website that balances the beauty and the brains. Beauty being the nicely designed graphics, design elements and brains are the features, functionality and content. It is also important that OurBlogTemplates.com conveys professionalism with its design, because for many people, it's an important factor in reading and subscribing. Generallt, this review above analyze OurBlogTemplates.com's color combination, graphic sizes and placement, font sizes and colors, as well as its overall look and feel.


Anonymous November 02, 2008 12:46 pm  

Thank you very much.. I hope OurBlogTemplates.com will always provide "Our 'Best' Blogger Templates".

Best Regards,

ruthinian November 03, 2008 4:58 pm  


I just want to congratulate you for being the First Winner in the contest.

BTemplates November 06, 2008 12:06 am  

Hi Elque!

I'm Francisco, editor of BTemplates.com and I would like to know if we can talk via email. If this is possible I leave my mail: info[a]btemplates.com

An apology for putting this message here, but I did not find another method of contact.

Congratulations for your work!

Best regards,


Taylor July 20, 2009 2:37 pm  

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