2nd Contest - 3rd Winner

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We chose the Prometheus Aerospace blog as the 3rd winner of our 2nd contest because of the strong support the blog author gives to Ourblogtemplates by using our templates in all her blogs, and a great review entry too.

Here's the entry post:

The purpose of this post is to officially enter Prometheus Aerospace in Our Blogger Template's Second Showcase Contest. I cannot say enough good things about Our Blogger Templates. When I decided to start blogging a few months ago, I had initially planned on adopting a WordPress format. What can I say except that for me, WordPress was a huge headache. It just was not the user-friendly platform I needed to succeed as a webmaster. Then, I decided to give Blogger a try and fell in love with its ease of use -- especially its visual layout and ability to customize fonts and colors. The main problem for me, at that point, was the lack of adequate 3-column templates. Enter Our Blogger Templates.
The day I found Our Blogger Template's site online was a blessed day indeed. Not only did they have a wonderful variety of templates in multiple formats (including 3-column), but their ability to be customized is top-rate. I especially like the fact that OBT has included variables for so many sections of the template. The simplicity of being able to modify the colors and fonts cannot be overstated, and this is a real time-saver that I appreciate -- especially since I am not that much of a whiz with HTML or CSS
I started out with one blog and now have eight full-time sites, and they ALL use templates from Our Blogger Templates! I have implemented the Fishing template on this site and some of my other sites because it works so seamlessly. After I am done customizing the colors, fonts and header images, each site has its own unique feel. This frees me to focus my time on content and not technical issues.
Further, Our Blogger Templates provides their templates for free! That's right, FREE! Having done design-work for Prometheus Aerospace's sister site, Headers Galore, I can appreciate how much thought, time and effort has gone into OBT's templates. Thanks for what you do, Our Blogger Templates! I cannot thank you enough for making my life easier. I wish you nothing but success :)


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